Fieldforce is a cloud-based mobile and web application for effective sales management. It aids automation of company sales business processes to enhance delivery of the expected level of services, and provide another level of monitoring and control over the day-to-day activities in the field.

Below are some of the modules of the application:

Order Module

  • Allows sales rep to create customer order either from mobile device or web portal depending on availability of product in base warehouse, closest warehouse or any warehouse selected.
  • If any promo is running and the customer is eligible, sales rep can apply such to the order.
  • Once order is submitted email / SMS is triggered to the superior personnel and finance personnel assigned to such rep and to the customer to serve as receipt.
  • Integrates with SD Pay app for real-time order payment processing.
  • With the Geo-Fence feature activated, orders can only be taken at the Customer shop

Warehouse Module

  • Virtual locations are created in FF for all direct Customers and Secondary Distribution locations to aid stock monitoring; all locations have minimum stock-holding and re-order level by SKU
  • All Stock movement are tracked; transfers, receipts, sell-out and returns are adjusted to get the net stock holding per virtual location
  • Products inflow into locations; single or multiple by Excel import
  • Physical Stock count is available and compares with virtual stock on system to determine shortages.
  • Stock update (opening stock, receipts, transfer out, sell-out, closing stock) available per location daily.

Products Module

  • Supports product classification by categories, brand, size, gender and age
  • Supports multiple price list (per channel, general, customer-specific)
  • Product creation; single or multiple by Excel import

Customer Module

  • Customer creation; classification and pinning(outlet type, customer type, credit limit, GPS coordinates)
  • Customer priority and price point
  • Customer map view
  • Customer creation; single or multiple by Excel import

Employee Module

  • Employees creation and classification; single or multiple by Excel import
  • Customer and Route assignment
  • Route distance calculation and Fuel Estimation
  • Role assignment
  • Route map view by Rep

User Module

  • User accounts are created and allocated to employees
  • Login details; username and password are regenerated
  • Login audit available

Promotions Module

  • Definition of promotion mechanics and duration
  • Supports specific terms; Buy One Get One Free, Buy Three get Two free
  • Supports variable terms; Buy X get Y free, Buy X from products bundle get Y free, Buy X get Y% off
  • Supports generation of promotion vouchers which can be sent via SMS or mail to customers

Target Module

  • Targets are setup by SKU, Customer and by Month
  • Targets creation; single or multiple by Excel import

Incentives Module

  • Definition of incentive criteria by Channel
  • Calculation of incentive payout based on achievement on set criteria

Reports Module

  • Performance Dashboard (charts)
  • Top / Bottom 50 Sales Reps Report
  • Customer Credit Aging Report/li>
  • Sales Vs Target and SPLY by SKU and Location Report
  • Definition of reports delivery intervals, reports delivery channel (SMS, Mail etc.)

Backup & Restore Module

  • Definition of Backup location and intervals
  • Restore of Backup Data

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